With our head office located in Rotterdam, HDG-Germany is working for the main operators of the North German fruit and insurance industry, we take care of quality inspections and surveys on incoming, stored and outgoing perishable products. 

QC inspections include:


  • Use of our digital inspection software QC4U 

  • Check the container settings and the stowage of the pallets 

  • Take pulp temperatures in different locations 

  • Take a representative sample of each parcel delivered

  • Note down grower codes, sizes, pack dates, flesh pressures, maturity, colour, brix levels, bruises, skin defects, decay, visible residues, etc. 

  • Assign quality scores 

  • Indicate the storage potential

  • Timely reporting including detailed photographs  

  • Use of digital analysis tools to allow season summaries 

Surveys include:


  • Send out a claim notification

  • Organize a joint survey

  • Evaluate the nature, extent and cause of damage

  • Collect all relevant documentation

  • Protect your and cargo-underwriters’ rights

  • Send out professional and official reports